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April 27 2015

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only atheists go to heaven
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April 20 2015

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4chan meets queen, and it is a rhapsody.
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April 18 2015

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controlling the browser of a screeninvader running inside a vm with an usb gamepad using the html5 gamepad api via our new shiny javascript/websocket api.

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men should not be allowed to vote!
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April 13 2015

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god vs hitler
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March 13 2015

Goodbye, creator of this universe....
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March 12 2015

March 06 2015

I am afraid that they did, and that this person was being honest.
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We repost stupid photos,
nobody else wants to see,
To impress people we will never meet.

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February 24 2015

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everything will go extinct.

February 21 2015

February 20 2015


February 19 2015

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