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July 31 2014

July 23 2014

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New Model Army - My Country:

Tell all the people who believe
what they read in the press
tell all the folk who stare
from behind suburban walls
the enemy is not some nation far across the sea
the enemy is with us every single breathing day.

So yes,i will fight for my country
the land that i love so well
yes - for justice
a land fit for all our futures
yes,i will fight for my country
the land that i love so well
hear the voices
of our history echo all around.

Fight all the ones who divide us
rich against poor
fight all the ones who divide us
white against black
fight all the powers who want their missiles
in our earth
fight all the people who would
lead us into war.

And yes,i will fight for my country...

No rights were ever given to us
by the grace of god
no rights were ever given
by some United Nations clause
no rights were ever given
by some nice guy at the top
our rights - they were bought by all the blood
and all the tears of all our
grandmothers,grandfathers before.

For all the folk who gave their lives for us
for all the folk who spit out - never say die
for all the fires burning on our highest hills
for all the people spinning tales tonight
fight all the powers who abuse our common laws
fight all the powers who think they only owe themselves.

And yes,i will fight for my country... (ad infinitum)

July 15 2014

July 12 2014

July 05 2014

June 19 2014

June 18 2014

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June 17 2014

June 14 2014

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A belief system's defence.
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June 13 2014

this is so soothing for my soul :)
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